Pain Relief Gel Pedicure

Book an appointment at our Las Vegas NAB Nail Bar salon today and enjoy a variety of nail treatments, including Pain Relief gel pedicure and Luxury Gel Pedicures near me. Relaxing Bath Bomb, Lavender, Epsom Salt, cbd Luxury Pedicure. Summer Orchid Sugar Scrub, Eucalyptus Tingling Mud Mask wrapped in Hot Towels, Relax While your feet Soak in Paraffin Wax, Couple Minute Massage, relaxing body butter (infused with oil) that aims to provide calming, pain-relieving effects to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience. Bath Bomb infused with Blue Agave, Lavender, Coconut Choice of any Gel Polish Application. (Please confirm all final pricing with your technician as each technician confirms all final prices)

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