Our feet carry us around all of our lives, day in, day out, patiently and dutifully. They have to tolerate the everyday stress of standing too long, wearing tight shoes, having insufficient airing and exposure to too much moisture. Our feet deserve better! Our feet should be well cared for, beautiful and seen by all!

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Introducing Barefoot by LCN, a true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail correction made possible by the development of modern corrective materials. Barefoot is highly effective for the treatment of toenails right in your own salon or spa. As the beauty industry’s #1 pedicure restoration gel, Barefoot is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result.

Due to the flexibility of Barefoot the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural. Barefoot is available in five shades: clear, pink, opak, pastel and our camouflage colour cool pink. Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails.

Barefoot is for any woman or man who wants to cosmetically restore their toenails to a beautiful natural state.

Features of Barefoot:

+ Non-Porous Material (far superior to Acrylic)

+ Strong Yet Flexible

+ Completely Natural Feeling

+ Customized Colours & French Available



Toenail reconstruction is something more and more clients are requesting. Whether the toenail is unsightly or is even missing entirely, reconstruction techniques can provide cosmetic results that are wearable and real-looking. Neal uses Barefoot Gel by LCN

LCN’s Barefoot cosmetic toenail reconstruction to her service menu earlier this year. A strong yet flexible gel, Barefoot allows techs to restore toenails that have been partially damaged or are missing completely. Due to the flexibility of the product, the enhancement adjusts to the movements of the toes and feet and feels comfortable and natural to the client. “It’s a game changer without a doubt,” says Parrott. “For clients it’s life changing and for the nail professional it can mean a significant increase in income.

“I’ve been able to reconstruct toenails for my aunt, friends, grandma who wanted to wear open-toed shoes to her granddaughter’s wedding, two brides, a runner, and a handful of women who just wanted to wear sandals in the summer,” she says. “All my clients have been impressed by the results. They like the realistic look and feel, the durability, and the length of time the reconstructed nails stay intact.”




Please Note: A Pedicure is not included with the LCN Toenail Restoration service. Add a full service pedicure for $35-$55

Barefoot is $89 for 2 Toes 

Refills $20 

LCN Barefoot is made available for Men, Women and Teens ages 16(+).

Is LCN Gel Better for Toenail Reconstruction compared to Acrylic? The preference of LCN Restorative Gel over Acrylic toenail restoration is the choice of the client ultimately.  

Acrylic is very secure and durable, but is porous and offers less flexibility when compared to the gel application.  LCN Barefoot is a premium product and is created just for the purpose alone of reconstructing toenails for a more natural look.  

Features of Barefoot

*Non-Porous Material 

*Strong Yet Flexible

*Completely Natural Feeling

*Nails damaged from trauma

*Post fungal nails

*Great for compromised toenails

Due to the flexibility of Barefoot the product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural. Barefoot is for any Woman or Man who wants to cosmetically restore their toenails to a beautiful natural state. Who should consider this service? This service is ideal for anyone who is conscious about the appearance of their toes. This service is also ideal for post fungal sufferers or for those with compromised toenails from past injuries where the toenail has been permanently damaged.


$49.95 per dropper bottle. Must be purchased at the time of your LCN Restorative service appointment. We are not able to service your appointment unless this product is included with your service. Mykosept keeps the health of your nail intact.

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