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Nail Salon NAB Nail Bar Las Vegas 


NAB is your trusted and innovative Nail Bar in Las Vegas. Allow us the opportunity to beautify your appearance with our range of makeup enhancements and body care treatments.

NAB Nail Bar has been recognized as a creative, exceptional and indulgent nail salon and spa service in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Our salon is conveniently located and brings much of the glamor and beauty you will find on the strip to our contemporary salon and spa services. NAB Nail Bar Las Vegas is the best nail shop near me.

With the best nail salon Las Vegas communities will receive a choice of gel polish and nail adornments. Our accessories are second to none and only we know how to create unique nail art you have not seen elsewhere. With our gel nails Las Vegas customers receive only the perfect and lasting finishes are achieved. We are the first ever salon to offer real Diamond Manicures! Why not indulge and treat yourself to the royal experience you deserve.

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Nail Salon NAB Nail Bar Las Vegas Services

BEST EYELASH EXTENSIONS LAS VEGAS Classic, Volume, Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash Extension Full Set & Eyelash Extension Fills.










Prices & Menu Items located on the calender “Select Appointment Type”


1. Acrylic Nails Full set or Acrylic w/ Gel Polish Fill

2. Valentino Acrylic Nails or Sculpture 




3. Pink & White Acrylic Nails or Ombre Acrylic Full Set

4. Nail Art & Nail Art Bling Rhinestones we have endless options available.(Bring a picture we can match any design)


1. Save $10 Gel Manicure & Regular Pedicure (Only $64.90 Click Calendar to the below)

2. Save $15 Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure (Only $84.95 for Both Book Now Click Calendar below

MANICURE: 1. Anti-aging Manicure 2. Anti-aging Golden Girl Manicure 3. Gel Manicure

PEDICURES: 1. Anti-aging LCN Golden Girl Pedicure

Las Vegas Anti-aging pedicure

las vegas anti-aging pedicure

2. Luxury Urea Pedicure

3. Gel Pedicure

4. NAB’s Royalty Pedicure Only $44.95




5. Barefoot Toenail Restoration Eyelash Extension Fills

Las Vegas Toenail repair

Toenail restoration service




6. NAB’S Lavish Pedicure Lavish Pedicure Deals





Classic Eyelash Extension Full Set: This set is only one extension per natural eye lash for a semi-full yet natural look with added length.

Mixed Eyelash Extension Full Set: At the best nail salon Las Vegas clients can receive a beautiful blend of 50% classic eyelash extensions and 50% of 2D to 4D volume fans. This set creates a full and dark look


Eyelash Extensions Full Set Volume Eyelash Extension Set: With eyelash services at our nail salon Las Vegas artists create fans of 2D to 4D per natural eyelash. It creates a fuller but delicate look with added “fluff.”
Volume Extra Full Set: With this set we turn the delicate look into a more alluring one by creating fuller fans of 4D to 6D per natural eyelash. This option also looks darker than a regular volume set. Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Full set: Ready to go BOLD? Then this is the best option for you! With 10D to 15D fans per natural eyelash, we are able to create the darkest and fullest look by using thin 0.03mm extensions and creating a gorgeous fan.
EYELASH EXTENSION FILLS: Classic Eyelash Extension Fill Starts at $69 Volume Eyelash Extension Fill Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Fill

From nails to eyelash extensions, microblading and brow shaping, we provide an incredible range of beauty services tailored to your aesthetic requirements and preferences. With the option of experiencing the best lash extensions Las Vegas clients instantly transform the appearance of their eyes for a casual day look or a smart and sophisticated night out. We use only the highest quality fans and lash extension products to brighten and widen your eyes. Only highly professional artists assist in creating gorgeous lash extensions.



Microblading & Permanent Makeup

Microblading and brow shaping helps neaten your eyebrows and frame your face. Our creative eyebrow artists know how to create beautiful natural shapes to enhance and not detract from your appearance. With the option of microblading Las Vegas clients can trim untimely eyebrows easily and affordably.

If you need to recreate natural looking brows, our permanent makeup is second to none. We offer highly trained and specialized artists to produce the natural appeal of brows. For 3D eyebrows Las Vegas clients can consult with our highly skilled artists.







Not only does the NAB Nail Bar specialize in beauty treatments and cosmetics, but also offers certified training in eyelash extensions and microblading. With reliance on the best microblading training Las Vegas students are meticulously prepared for their future careers. With our eyelash extension classes Las Vegas learners will be taught both a practical and theoretical element. Choose us to advance your profession in the beauty industry.





NAB Nail Bar maintains its integrity and is recognized as a leady in the beauty industry. We offer a range of on-trend products from quality eyelash design to the newest gel polish colors on the market. With expert services provided by the best nail salon Las Vegas clients will receive the finest quality care and safe solutions.

We are your one stop to experiencing relaxing therapies and beautifying enhancements from our Golden Girl masks to permanent makeup, we provide unique aesthetic treatments.

Invest in our nail salon and feel like royalty. Our nail bar is modern and spacious with highly advanced equipment to deliver precision results for every client. We have well recognized experts in eyebrow enhancements, lash extensions and permanent makeup.

Feel rejuvenated, feel special and look spectacular at the NAB Nail Bar.





Nail Salon Manicure & Pedicure Services

DESCRIPTIONS: ANTI-AGING MANICURE With reliance on your luxury nail bar Las Vegas locals and visitors are offered the latest Royalty anti-aging treatment. NAB has incorporated one of the most effective youth restoring technologies on the market. The technology has been tried and tested in the prevention and intervention of the effects of aging and stress on your skin. When visiting our luxy nail salon Las Vegas clients interested in reversing the effects of aging are provided our classic anti-aging manicure. The Anti-Age Manicure includes:

  • Stimulation at the cellular level, improved blood circulation, wrinkle reduction and skin smoothing effects.
  • It is anti-bacterial, refines pores and soothes skin
  • It promotes anti-inflammatory processes and relaxes the tissues for healing.The treatment with our anti-aging technology is similar to receiving a sophisticated facial but for your hands. This technology offers deep hydration, exfoliation and a light massage to stimulate your skin at a cellular level. With for the anti-aging manicure at the luxy nail salon Las Vegas clients will truly relax with the added benefit of knowing the age clock will be turned back on your hands. Combined with a cell renewal serum and crème, you will notice the difference in the texture and appearance of your hands in the first session. With reliance on the best nail salon Las Vegas customers will receive high quality beauty therapy.LCN TESTIMONIALS “Your clients will notice an immediate, brightening effect after the service of the anti-aging manicure. And with home maintenance, paired with salon services, the client will see a dramatic decrease in age spots and an increase in collagen and elastin in the skin.” GOLDEN GIRL” ANT-AGING PEDICURE A luxury Anti Age pedicure using LCN Golden Girl Mask and the LCN Anti Age line!

With the best nail salon Las Vegas customers are provided this sophisticated and luxury treatment. It will leave you thoroughly relaxed with its beautiful fragrance and anti-aging effects. Learn why the Golden Girl Anti-Aging Treatment is best for your needs:

  • The Golden Girl peel off mask is a striking gold color when applied to your legs and feet. It is considered a deluxe treatment with new LCN instant peel mask technology.
  • The active ingredient is GOLD. It assists in promoting collagen to maintain youth, is antibacterial, and your skin is left with a smooth more radiant appeal.
  • It assists in decreasing fine lines, tightening the skin and improving dermal elasticity for a supple skin tone.With the addition of gel nails Las Vegas customers can receive $10 off your next gel pedicure. At the best nail salon Las Vegas clients are guaranteed great prices. The possibilities are endless | Don’t be the norm—BE THE BEST!UREA LUXURY PEDICURE LCN Urea Luxury Pedicure: It provides true and luxurious results. It is a top of the line product. At our luxury nail salon Las Vegas clients will receive the urea pedicure in a safe and professional environment. The treatment includes penetration into 7 layers of skin producing the smoothest results. It is ideal for chapped, rough and dry skin. Such therapy promotes skin hydration and rejuvenation. The Urea Pedicure will increase the water content in the skin by an amazing 97.8%. You can rest assured that simply after one treatment, you will see a difference in the condition of your skin. The Urea pedicure has become the top choice of treatment for pedicurists. It is considered safe in application and is ideal for diabetics. With the trusted nail salon Las Vegas communities are provided a treatment that is free from mineral oil and parabens. UREA PRODUCT LINE The Urea treatment provided by NAB includes products to protect your feet during the harsh winter chill from dryness, cracked heels and rough skin. The product range includes foot creams, foot sprays, and baths consisting of its major component, urea. With 40% urea it helps maintain skin suppleness while relieving dry, cracked feet. BAREFOOT(COSMETIC TOENAILCORRECTION)PEDICURE LCN has released a Barefoot line to correct problematic toenails and is a quality toenail restoration gel. This treatment has been recognized as effective in addressing toenail problems. With the application of these types of gel nails Las Vegas clients can receive a partial or complete toenail restoration with an aesthetic result. Clients can expect realistic results as the gel is flexible and conforms to the movement of the toes. Barefoot is a universal gel product able to correct unsightly nails with even coverage and a realistic result.

At the best nail salon Las Vegas men and women can benefit from our Barefoot treatment. It is for those who wish to restore the appearance of their toenails. It offers modern restoration and considered the only light curing, one-component pedicure resin. Barefoot contains the ingredient Piroctone Olamine, a proven anti-mycotic substance that is time-released to keep working, even after the product is cured. FEATURES OF BAREFOOT:

  • Non-Porous Material (far superior to Acrylic)
  • Strong Yet Flexible
  • Completely Natural Feeling
  • Customized Colors & French AvailableDARE TO GO BAREFOOTOur feet carry us around all of our lives, day in, day out, patiently and dutifully. They have to tolerate the everyday stress of standing too long, wearing tight shoes, having insufficient airing and exposure to too much moisture. Our feet deserve better. Our feet should be well cared for, beautiful and seen by all! To experience this treatment at the best nail salon Las Vegas clients can book an appointment today. “GOLDEN GIRL” ANTI-AGING MANICURE OR PEDICURE: (ANTI-AGE) We offer an anti-aging manicure and pedicure using the LCN Golden Girl Mask and the LCN anti-age range. Indulge in the luxurious anti-aging therapy with full-body treatment in our 24k gold Anti-aging Manicure Plus or Golden Girl pedicure including our 24k gold facial mask. For only $99 you can experience the anti-aging manicure, pedicure and facial for all-over pampering. At our luxy nail bar Las Vegas clients can Receive:
  • A super-deluxe Anti-Aging Manicure & Pedicure experience with a WOW effect and exceptional fragrance!
  • The skin will feel silky soft and intensively nourished
  • GOLD – the Anti-Aging Ingredient
  • This active ingredient is supposed to have an antibacterial and collagen promoting effect
  • The skin has a fresher, younger and more radiant appearance
  • LCN Anti-Age Line
  • LCN Golden Girl Mask can be used for all skin types including normal, dry, oily,combination, and mature.GEL POLISH MANICURE With the perfect acrylic nails Las Vegas clients receive an immaculate manicure that lasts up to 2

weeks. It includes:

  • Nail Shaping
  • Buffing
  • Cuticle care
  • Massage
  • A gel polish finish with the color of your choice
“Your clients will notice an immediate, brightening effect after the service of the anti-aging manicure. And with home maintenance, paired with salon services, the client will see a dramatic decrease in age spots and an increase in collagen and elastin in the skin.” Jessica Stewart

Nail Technician , NAB Nail Bar

Wow Cassi is the best instructor. I am so thankful I ended up picking this class. Learn from the best her techniques and best practices are hands down the best! I give all the credit to her. Learning from the best helped my learning curve master this career.  I am so thankful I came across this class. Her teaching techniques after my 6 month apprenticeship prepared me to start taking all my own clients during the class and after the class. We practiced on real live models. They provided me with a kit worth over $1,000 dollars that has all the blades, ink and everything I need to master a career in Microblading. They helped me every step of the way to get my license. I now do Microblading full time. Anyone thinking about taking this class I can not tell you how beneficial this class is. It’s everything you need to master your career. Special Thanks to Cassi and her Team for helping me follow my dreams. Thank you again. Samantha Gilbert

Microblading Artist, NAB Nail Bar

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